Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First steps towards greatness. Aka. First Filler Post

Welcome to The Coughing Dog, the art blog of Di Yao. You may be wondering why I, Di Yao, haven't named this blog after myself. Well you see, there are certain people who have already taken that name with their greedy little paws. This means you Jim Millen, author of, you've become my number 1 enemy. I will crush you.

Oh there'll be art here eventually.

~Di Yao


Anonymous said...

Wow a new blog and it only took you like an hour to come up with this name. That must be some kind of great record for you! I hope I get to see some shiny things on here sometime soon!

Tero said...

I never thought I'd see the day when you got a blog. Didn't you publicly decry them years ago?

Tero said...

Also, it seems obvious that if Jim Millen took your name, your blog should have been
If that was taken you could look up his middle name too.

Anonymous said...

Why not just get the MSN blog instead, way easier for us to access

Di Yao said...

This is supposed to just be an art blog. All I need is for people to be able to see some of my work and the occasional snarky comment, not what I'm listening to or who my friend profile of the hour is.